TILFORD Auto Group Finance & Insurance Department makes it easy to get you on the road in your new vehicle with a range of financiers and finance options available, and competitive rates. Whether you have been buying vehicles for decades or you are about to buy your first car, we can help you through the process.

Our team of experts in our Finance and Insurance Department play a vital role in helping customers obtain the best payment plan on their New or Used Vehicle purchase. Every customers financial picture is unique and particular attention is paid to meeting your needs with the most attractive financing package available

A Comprehensive Range
At Tilford Auto Group – we offer a comprehensive range of finance and insurance solutions for our clients. Our finance and insurance solutions are the perfect companion to your new vehicle, providing a suite of high-quality and flexible finance options to suit your individual needs … and peace of mind comes standard with our insurance products!

Specialist Knowledge
We guarantee specialist knowledge and expert care with our entire range of financial services which are designed specifically to facilitate the acquisition and protection of your asset. Our Business Managers are available to provide you with an individually tailored quotation and to assist you with a structured finance and insurance solution ideally suited to your needs

Key features and benefits:

  •     You can retain funds you may have for your personal and/or business investments.
  •     Available for new and pre-owned vehicles as well as machinery, equipment and chattel mortgage.
  •     Optimising cash flow management with fixed monthly repayments and minimal initial outlay.
  •     Fast and easy to arrange – leading edge technology and modelling methodology ensure rapid quotation and processing, matching you particular requirements with the most appropriate solution.
  •     Offering a variety of finance and insurance products that make the acquisition and protection of your new asset easier and affordable.

Car Loans
Get a lower rate than most personal loans by using your car as security, a fixed loan term for easy budgeting, and approved customers may even be able to bundle insurance and on road costs.

Range of Financiers
We have a range of financiers and finance options that enable finance to be tailored to your needs.

Easy to apply
You can apply over the phone, well even call you at a time that suits if you would like. Or for a one stop solution, our Business Managers will take care of the application and all the paperwork for you while you are choosing your new car.

Lower rates
Using the car as security means that we can offer lower rates than most personal loans. Loan payments are fixed once your contract starts so you always know what your payments will be.

We offer a range of insurance products to help you protect your vehicle, as well as your loan commitments. Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance is mandatory for all vehicles we finance, so it makes sense to arrange cover at the same time you’re arranging your; finance. You can even include your initial insurance premium in the total loan value.

Comprehensive insurance covers accidents and damage to your car and other cars and property. With benefits such as new for old vehicle replacement following a total loss and genuine parts guarantee insuring with us is a convenient and simple choice.

Third-party property insurance covers damage that you or your vehicle causes to third party property but not to your own.

Our Loan Protection Insurance can protect you against the risk of not being able to make loan repayments if you suddenly stop earning an income due to an accident, trauma, illness, death or involuntary unemployment. This cover is available to customers who are committed to repayments under a finance contract.

We invite you to please contact one of our Business Manager today on (03) 6234 0350 to discuss your business and personal finance needs.